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16 Hours in a Car


After driving 16 hours to and from Durango, CO last weekend, I realized some things teenagers don’t necessarily learn before they are 20! But what a great reminder how experience, preparation and planning always get the job done.


Our son is about to go off to his second year of college. He had assured us that he knew what he was doing and would secure his own housing for the next year back in November. He assured us again in February, then again in May. By June and July, the roommates were going to handle it. But alas, no one could get the job done. I realized very quickly that a lot of buyers and sellers get caught taking on a task that might have been easier with the help of a professional or a little more information to start. This is where the experience, planning and preparation come in.


  • Search Craigslist and contact Real Estate professional
  • Secure appointments to inspect housing
  • Gather roommate data and price points
  • Drive to the college town and secure housing for son and three potential roommates.
  • Drive back exhausted but victorious and relieved!


  • Do your homework! The more information you have the smoother your transaction
  • Ask for help from a professional or experienced ally to navigate the process.
  • Have a schedule of deadlines to adhere to. Hitting these milestones, is not only time saving, but rewarding
  • Communicate! Let everyone know the schedule and their responsibilities along the way. That way no one is questioning, doing double work, or just plain in the dark.
  • Keep a good record of your conversations, emails and notes.

In real estate and in life, you have to do some planning and preparation to see an event or transaction through! Having a Real Estate Contract, a Real Estate Professional and a Title Company you can trust makes planning and preparation a breeze. At Title Company of Denver, we start from the moment the contract is in place and we do not stop until the deal is done and someone is walking away with keys to a home or money in their pocket. For more information about the process and how we can help with our series of Real Estate Transaction Videos go to