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3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

#1 TIME OF YEAR YOUR CLIENTS OPEN THEIR MAIL!!!Soon your mailbox will be overflowing with holiday greetings filled will pictures of your college roommate’s kids, your great Aunt Mary’s annual holiday letter and generic “Happy Holiday” cards from your neighbors.  How do you get through all of the noise and have your piece be remembered??

Try giving your clients something that they will want to hold onto!  By sending something of value to your clients and with consistency, you not only become a hero but you are MEMORABLE!

3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

  1. Pick something you are passionate about– cooking, crafts, gardening, sports and make that your theme.  For example, if you pick cooking, you can send recipes, write blogs about great restaurants, post on FB about your favorite foods, you get our drift.  There you go, sharing your passion with your clients year-round!
  2. Schedule your marketing 3 months in advance– postcards, emails, blogs, social media posts. For example, order 3 separate postcards, one for each month, and set-up the mailing with DBC Marketing and let them do the rest!
  3. Take a breath and know you are marketing like a PRO!

The TCOD team has designed 3 different themed postcards for our RE clients to brand as their own this holiday.  They each have their own unique offering to your client- a recipe, a craft, or a list of great ideas for spending the holidays in Colorado.  

These cards are guaranteed to be kept around a lot longer than your usual “neighborhood sales” statistics or “state of the industry” information.

Check these and our 2018 items to come