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Title and Closing Services

3 EMPOWERING Consumer Tips about Title Services

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Title coverage confusing?

Just one of the 500 pages that buyers sign at closing?

Yes and no.

3 Empowering Consumer Tips about Title Services:

As a Home Buyer, do you know?

  1. You ARE IN CONTROL.  You can pick your own Title company to facilitate your closing.  Most buyers use the closer that is recommended by their real estate agent, but it is worth a look into.  You want to do business with people that you know are licensed, insured, reputable and genuinely care.
  2. That without proper title insurance research you could spend your initial years in your newly purchased home in turmoil.  A title that is not researched thoroughly could have unseen liens that could cause you up to 4 years or more of grief.  Having a thorough representative on your side is indispensable.
  3. That there are some title defects that cannot be uncovered with even the most thorough search. For example, a search will not uncover that a valid deed was indexed improperly in the land records. Title insurance WILL protect you from these types of defects.

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