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3 Fun Easy Ways to Expand Your Circle of Influence

Just How Easy is it to Expand Your Circle of Influence?
We’ve all been there—your good friend or colleague invites you to a Leads group, a Business After Hours, or a Ribbon Cutting and you have no idea what that is nor how-to/should you participate. Actually, you ‘ve probably been asked many times you just couldn’t see the value or don’t have the right perspective.  

Here’s your answer.
Leads group is a group of peers from select industries that share business leads with each other.  You can find them in the form of a 3 to 5 Club, a BNI Group, or hosted at your local Chamber of Commerce.  Business After Hours is a social event attended by professionals in a casual atmosphere.  Ribbon Cuttings are the celebration of a business opening its doors. These groups can be advantageous to grow your business by visibility and leads, or business card passing. However, the real benefit here is the mutual genuine connections and relationships you can build with these new contacts.

Expanding your circle of influence is time well spent.  Letting folks into your inner circle can help you make better business & life decisions and sometimes the best friendships are made, that’s the best bonus.

Remember to have a “give-to-give” intention and it will be a win-win-win for all! No More Excuses.