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3 Traits of Successful Business Owners

I recently was interviewed by Vanessa for her “Seasoned and Successful” blog series, here is an expounded excerpt:

“In your opinion- what 3 things you must have in order to be a successful business owner?”

1.) The understanding that you will work very, very hard having your own business does not mean you get to just do what you want now.

  • Working hard is about working smart.  Organization is key to giving every detail of your business its fair share.  A day can sail by and leave you feeling like you have so much to still accomplish.  Use an organization system/calendar that you can share with others and fill your time in with aspects of your business, not just a lists of to-dos.  Don’t forget to plug in time to reflect, even if it is only 30 minutes, re-capping what you’ve done over the past week will help you see how you can become a better leader.

2.) Patience– there are cycles to business. It’s important to be aware of the ebbs and flows that come with time. I don’t know anyone who’s an entrepreneur who’s had success come instantaneouslyIt takes patience to stick with it.

  • Patience is a virtue.  Execute patience with class.  As an entrepreneur, carry yourself with controlled confidence; meaning no complaining about being patient or venting about clients to other clients.  In the B2B arena, your clients have clients and you must be reserved and fair about serving their needs.  To give outstanding service exercise patience with a true gratitude and it will fall into place.

3.) A positive attitude– there are so many things that could bring you down because it is hard and it is a lot of work and there are people who will look at you like, “You’re crazy” and “Why don’t you just get a real job?” You have to have a good attitude in order to say, “No, I can do this.”

  • You CAN do this.  Surround yourself with a positive sphere of influence.  Coaches are real and they serve an outstanding purpose, reach out to one.  Evaluate your current influencers and connect with those that are positive, maybe join them at a social event or share a coffee with them regularly, a benefit for both of you.

Take a leap and commit to your success.  We are all business professionals in one manner or another, now is your time to be the best you can be.  I leaped with Title Company of Denver and get to provide stellar title services to an outstanding group of clients.  As a value add to our clients we provide an educational video series on title/closing services for buyer’s and seller’s, to gain access and share as you please, click on the “show me the videos” button.