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4 Easy Ways to Tame that Unruly Inbox!

We know… it’s true, we all hate to admit the struggles with our inboxes.  They are all set up differently, they have tabs, they don’t have tabs, they “know” what type of mail goes where.  Well, they definitely “know” more than we do and who do you even ask for help with that?

No Fear, TCOD is here.  

We have scoured the good ‘ol web and found some of the most interesting tips for how to deal with the daunting and ever-growing inbox.  Here’s what we found and links to more information than you probably ever wanted to know. We started with our struggles and then some of the most common comments we receive in our marketing classes.  What?  You didn’t know offer free marketing classes? That’s another blog post, for now, just check it out: Hands-on Marketing

Clean It Up!  

Most useful thing we learned from our quest is for a Gmail inbox.  To help clear out old emails you can search “before:YYYY/MM/DD,” select all the emails and click delete.  Presto!  100’s of old useless emails gone in a flash!  Organize Your Gmail Inbox

Filter It Out!

Use Gmail’s label Feature.  Gmail allows you to make labels, 5,000, to be exact to help classify your emails.  You add each email individually as they come in or let Gmail do the filtering and, for example, every email from a certain sender goes to a labeled folder.  

Outlook Categories!

Use Categories and Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook.  Right click on the categories tab, select and label the color and assign a shortcut key.  This little trick will help you clean up in no time.  Get the Most Out of Outlook Categories


This is the best tip yet.  As soon as you read a non-important email decide whether you want to keep reading them, if not UNSUBSCRIBE!  If You Are An Over Subscriber

Enjoy your email again (yes, that is possible) and pat yourself on the back that you have taken some great steps in getting yourself organized!