Are you LinkedIn?

Are You LinkedIn?

We all get the LinkedIn invitations to connect, click yes, then move on! However, like everything else, we need to check in on our LinkedIn profile to see if we can update, cleanup, and help promote our colleagues and connections.

LinkedIn is where social starts.

Profiles-Update them. This year did you do any awesome presentations, work on special projects, or improve your skills in any way? Share them on LinkedIn by including them in your profile.

Recommendations-Write them for others. Did you work with any stellar agents, or awesome title companies, or amazing lenders? Shout out about it by writing recommendations for these great people.

LinkedIn Traffic-Increase. Include a link to your profile in your email signature line. Add new people you meet to your profile, they expect a LinkedIn invite rather than a Facebook one.

Blogging-Easy on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to write and publish articles. It’s a robust system that allows you to have a polished look.

According to Katie Lance, Social Media Expert and Author of #GetSocialSmart, her 3 favorite ways to optimize LinkedIn are:

Connect with every new person, current client and past client on LinkedIn. Make sure you send a personal note with each new request to connect, this means the world!

Post and share regularly to give the impression you are “ready for business.”

Give to get. Give one new recommendation a month with someone you have recently worked with. Who can you thank? Make an intentional point to thank them publicly!

Get LinkedIn in 2018!

Make Your Business Shine in 2018

Make Your Business Shine in 2018 with Marketing

This is the time to Time-block for 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule every piece of this strategy to execute on autopilot allowing you to create freedom and space for you to engage and connect with your clients in a more natural spur of the moment way throughout the year.

Get a Jump on Your 2018 Marketing Plan with these 3 Goals.

  • Pick a theme- it’s easier to relate to if you have one consistent theme throughout your year (recipes, DIY projects, 12 steps to get your house ready…publish one step each month)
  • Make sure your brand is consistent.  Don’t design something new each month, have them all keep a similar style or your colors to associate it with you.
  • Schedule it but break it up- mail some postcards, make some phone calls, “popby” your clients house with a gift, post some tidbits on social media, send a bi-monthly email, each of these can be related to the main theme.
  • Schedule it NOW!

Don’t get overwhelmed, let TCOD can help.  Yes, we do great title work and would love your business but we also love your business and want to help make you shine.  We can sit with you one-on-one or come to your team and host a 3-series class, all at no cost, and all because we want to show you how you CAN do this!

Just give us a call 303-225-4444.

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3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

#1 TIME OF YEAR YOUR CLIENTS OPEN THEIR MAIL!!!Soon your mailbox will be overflowing with holiday greetings filled will pictures of your college roommate’s kids, your great Aunt Mary’s annual holiday letter and generic “Happy Holiday” cards from your neighbors.  How do you get through all of the noise and have your piece be remembered??

Try giving your clients something that they will want to hold onto!  By sending something of value to your clients and with consistency, you not only become a hero but you are MEMORABLE!

3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

  1. Pick something you are passionate about– cooking, crafts, gardening, sports and make that your theme.  For example, if you pick cooking, you can send recipes, write blogs about great restaurants, post on FB about your favorite foods, you get our drift.  There you go, sharing your passion with your clients year-round!
  2. Schedule your marketing 3 months in advance– postcards, emails, blogs, social media posts. For example, order 3 separate postcards, one for each month, and set-up the mailing with DBC Marketing and let them do the rest!
  3. Take a breath and know you are marketing like a PRO!

The TCOD team has designed 3 different themed postcards for our RE clients to brand as their own this holiday.  They each have their own unique offering to your client- a recipe, a craft, or a list of great ideas for spending the holidays in Colorado.  

These cards are guaranteed to be kept around a lot longer than your usual “neighborhood sales” statistics or “state of the industry” information.

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Christmas in July?

Real Estate Agents Ready for Christmas in July

We have all been told time and again to touch our database of clients multiple times during a year.   

Experts say the magic number of touches per year is 33!

How?  That’s a tricky answer.

Each person in your database is different and will respond differently to the ways you reach out.  Whether you call, email, send a newsletter, or create a dynamic direct mail piece, each one will resonate with a person in a different way.

8 Ideas to make your Marketing Year GR8T:

  1.  Just Sold postcards (to neighborhood and sphere!
  2.  Pre-Built Monthly Newsletters (generic, like Buffini and Company)
  3.  Fun Postcards (like tasty festivals, local events going on, recipes, or local sports related)
  4.  Holiday Cards (Highlight a birthday or anniversary)
  5.  Seasonal Cards, tips for cleaning closets, donation spots, winterizing the home
  6.  Walk Around Your Direct Mail Pieces instead of mailing (better for the budget without cutting quality)
  7.  Email Campaigns (reaching your clients multiple times throughout the month with links for listings and your newsletter or blog)
  8. Create Lists (top ten ways to maintain your garden, improve your curb appeal, invest smartly in your home)

Don’t forget that Direct Mail is not on a comeback because it never died, it just got laser sharp.  Be Bold. Visuals Rule. Keep It Simple.  Checkout these cool designs.

One and Done! Time-block 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule this campaign to execute automatically which will allow you to have more free time to be organic and connect genuinely with others throughout the year.

Most of us don’t have time to sit down every month and get creative for a new campaign.  The holidays are even trickier.

If other companies have their stuff together, so can you!

That is the reason for Christmas in July!

To be well on your way to that 33, check out TCOD’s Seasonal Postcards