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Experiencing the Holiday Rush?

As we rush into a new year, here are some things to remember:

#1. Don’t break promises to yourself. If you said you were going to start a new workout routine, do it. If you told yourself you were going to get your nails done, go get them done! If you said you would help with an upcoming event, do it with your heart wide open. If you said you were going to get 2 more listings before the year is done, go hustle for those houses! Even though some of these promises may be to others, they are truly to yourself first, as you are the one that chooses your actions. You are important. 

#2. Take time to reflect.  Write down your accomplishments of this past year. The holidays can be stressful and if you have 2 more listings you need to get under your belt, then you may need to center yourself and discover that you got this!

 #3. Get Busy and Keep Focused. Get off of Instagram, hang up the phone, make a list, and time yourself to get it done! Maybe decide this is the year you are going to get a coach or take that online class that could completely change the trajectory of your career and life. When you get it done, reward yourself, you did it!

Yes, we provide stellar title insurance services but we also provide a warm place for a cup of coffee with encouraging words for our title friends and family.

Are you ready to title-ally make a difference?  (you see what we did there?)

Stop by our offices, we have the coffee pot on!

MailChimp…The Monkey That Could Be Your Best Friend!

MailChimp, Have You Heard Of It?  


No, it’s not new but it is so relevant.  It is one of the best free…Free…FREE email campaign systems out there.  Besides being Free (did I say that already?) it is an easy to use click and drag system.  

An email campaign is a great way to connect with your clients. With 33 touches recommended each year, sending a regular monthly email can diversify the message you are sending. Emails include appropriate images, words that explain your reason for emailing and plenty of links to allow your clients to get more info on what they are interested in.

The best thing about MailChimp is the reporting system. Every open, link click, and forward is tracked by their system. You, yes…you, can watch and learn how your clients interact with their emails. And, if you are savvy and you have 4 or 5 contacts clicking on a listing, you look to see who those people are (yes it provides their email address and name, too) and contact them to see if there is anything you can do to help.  Ta-da! You have just secretly spied on your email reader and reached out at the right time and potentially just found a buyer or found a new listing within that client. Mailchimp reports are quite intuitive and helpful. At TCOD, we are happy to help you review and make recommendations for your report.  MailChimp info!

We are here to serve!

Video-Make it Happen!

Social Media is Constantly Changing!

We are sure we didn’t have to tell you that.  Just when you are comfortable with one aspect they change the look and feel. Don’t be discouraged, just reach out as TCOD always tries to keep our finger on the pulse.

The biggest push at this moment is video.  We’ve all known this for a while, but need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and hit the record button.  We love what Katie Lance says, “you will always look like you look and sound like you sound, you need to accept that and move on.”  You are your wonderful self and your fan base (prospects and clients) WANT to hear from you!

One of the epic companies changing the scene is BombBomb.  If you haven’t tried them out, what are you waiting for?  It’s a free 14-day trial (we are not affiliated with them) that allows you to really see the value of video.

At TCOD, we constantly are serving our clients, we are happy to bring a class on video or any other marketing aspect to your team today.  Check out our lineup of available classes.

Your Security Matters

Don’t Risk Your Client’s Information

If you haven’t noticed all of the GDPR Privacy Policy Updates, read them it is an important notification.  The GDPR goal is to make sure that the control is given to citizens and residents over their personal data and how it is used.  

At TCOD, we not only updated our privacy policy, which you can find here:  http://tcod.com/privacy-policy/ but want to reassure you that we utilize an incredibly secure system to track and execute our orders, Qualia. Qualia is a leader in the title industry for security and privacy.  They undergo independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s auditors to ensure they comply with industry best practices.  They also maintain vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2.

You and your clients can have peace of mind that Title Company of Denver takes your security and privacy seriously.  

Work Outside with Pop-Bys

Take Work Outdoors!

Best excuse to do that is POP-BYS!  Seriously.

  1. Make up the cutest inexpensive gifts take your pick from this lineup: Summer Pop-By Ideas
  2. Create a fun note or pick from this selection: Pop-By Gift Tags
  3. Make a list of your top 10 or 20 clients and set one day aside for the next two weeks and go out and walk your favorite neighborhood.  

Our Favorite: Flag Day is on June 14–order United States Flags and have DBC Digital print up a tag that says “Keeping the American Dream Alive…one Homeowner at a time.” Then tuck your business card in and start walking.  

PRO TIP: When you stop by a client’s home and don’t want to ring the doorbell (let’s be honest-that can get awkward) instead, take a selfie of you and your gift on their porch and text it to them.  That lets them know you were there and that there is a treat on the front porch…and that you are the best agent!

Be the Best Agent!  Use the Best Title Company!

3 Tips to Make the Most Out of CE’s

Continuing Your Education Isn’t Just About Your Education


We all know they’re necessary–it helps you stay on top of the trends and discuss new issues that affect you and your clients.

We know agents have a required # of CE’s to earn each year to keep their license active.

And, yes, we know some of those agents wait ’til the very last month to get their CE’s. 

No matter when you choose to get your CE’s completed, here are some rudimentary tips to make the best use of your time.


When you show up early and talk with the instructor and sponsor you are truly utilizing your time wisely; good old fashioned networking.  Using every opportunity to expand your network is what helps the cream rise to the top. 


Never think of meeting another agent as “competition,” think of them as a resource with a different perspective of your shared business.  One never knows when these newly found connections will truly help round out your circle of influence. 


When you get your CE’s done early in the year, the caliber of people you attend with is of a more driven nature, rather than being lumped in with the procrastinators.  Not that procrastinators aren’t driven–hey, we love procrastinating with the best of them–but the early bird does generally get the worm. 

So, we implore you to get your CE’s done early, ask questions in class, and network with your instructor and other class goers to achieve time well spent.  

As an expert title insurance provider, we are always serving our clients and host numerous CE classes throughout the year. Attend one of our next classes and but these skills to use. Signup for our newsletter and know as soon as our summer/fall classes are posted!

4 Easy Ways to Tame that Unruly Inbox!

We know… it’s true, we all hate to admit the struggles with our inboxes.  They are all set up differently, they have tabs, they don’t have tabs, they “know” what type of mail goes where.  Well, they definitely “know” more than we do and who do you even ask for help with that?

No Fear, TCOD is here.  

We have scoured the good ‘ol web and found some of the most interesting tips for how to deal with the daunting and ever-growing inbox.  Here’s what we found and links to more information than you probably ever wanted to know. We started with our struggles and then some of the most common comments we receive in our marketing classes.  What?  You didn’t know offer free marketing classes? That’s another blog post, for now, just check it out: Hands-on Marketing

Clean It Up!  

Most useful thing we learned from our quest is for a Gmail inbox.  To help clear out old emails you can search “before:YYYY/MM/DD,” select all the emails and click delete.  Presto!  100’s of old useless emails gone in a flash!  Organize Your Gmail Inbox

Filter It Out!

Use Gmail’s label Feature.  Gmail allows you to make labels, 5,000, to be exact to help classify your emails.  You add each email individually as they come in or let Gmail do the filtering and, for example, every email from a certain sender goes to a labeled folder.  

Outlook Categories!

Use Categories and Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook.  Right click on the categories tab, select and label the color and assign a shortcut key.  This little trick will help you clean up in no time.  Get the Most Out of Outlook Categories


This is the best tip yet.  As soon as you read a non-important email decide whether you want to keep reading them, if not UNSUBSCRIBE!  If You Are An Over Subscriber

Enjoy your email again (yes, that is possible) and pat yourself on the back that you have taken some great steps in getting yourself organized!

5 Tips to Design Custom Mailers

Just How Easy is it to Put Yourself Out There?

Designing Mailpieces, sounds daunting, right?  

You’re not a marketing expert you are a home expert!  However, you know what you like and you know how you want your brand to be portrayed.  So, why not design your monthly mailpieces yourself?  Only You can sell you and that’s what you want your clients to buy.  So let your clients into your life a little.  Think about offering up a theme quarterly or monthly and share with them what you are passionate about.  

For example, if you are passionate about cars, perhaps you design a postcards about amazing car shows in the area, garages for the garage lover, or feature your car vendors like car washes or insurance. Let them see who you are!

There are companies out there that will take your thoughts, a little original text from you, your logos and any images and whip it up into postcards worthy of fridge display.

 The Best Part?  YOU designed them, they are original and they sell you and your brand!

4 Elements of the perfect postcard:

#1 Crisp Color and Images-enough said

#2 Meaningful text delivered in an engaging way.  THink about sharing a personal story or highlight how you helped your last buyer move into the home of their dreams. Or share a delightful tip or DIY project that would help your postcard recipient.

#3 Your CALL TO ACTION: “Call me to get started on your House Hunt” or “ Call me for a free estimate of your homes value” or Call Me to find the best home for you”

#4 Your contact information!

Postcard Design, Printed and Mailed Check!  All done working with DBC Digital!

3 Fun Easy Ways to Expand Your Circle of Influence

Just How Easy is it to Expand Your Circle of Influence?
We’ve all been there—your good friend or colleague invites you to a Leads group, a Business After Hours, or a Ribbon Cutting and you have no idea what that is nor how-to/should you participate. Actually, you ‘ve probably been asked many times you just couldn’t see the value or don’t have the right perspective.  

Here’s your answer.
Leads group is a group of peers from select industries that share business leads with each other.  You can find them in the form of a 3 to 5 Club, a BNI Group, or hosted at your local Chamber of Commerce.  Business After Hours is a social event attended by professionals in a casual atmosphere.  Ribbon Cuttings are the celebration of a business opening its doors. These groups can be advantageous to grow your business by visibility and leads, or business card passing. However, the real benefit here is the mutual genuine connections and relationships you can build with these new contacts.

Expanding your circle of influence is time well spent.  Letting folks into your inner circle can help you make better business & life decisions and sometimes the best friendships are made, that’s the best bonus.

Remember to have a “give-to-give” intention and it will be a win-win-win for all! No More Excuses.