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Storytelling…Do You Do It?

Do you know who is awesome at telling stories? You. And there is no better time than today!

–Have you tried it?

–Do you consider it marketing?

You don’t need special skills to tell a story. What do you mean, an Instagram Story? Snapchat? Facebook? Nope, not those types of stories.

We mean, the real deal. The story about the client you just took to 4 homes over the weekend, about the home you didn’t even need to list but sold well over asking price, the story of the remodel, the story of the neighborhood and its journey. These are the stories that people connect with; they resonate with future buyers or sellers; they help you become a relatable trusted professional in their circle of influence.

You tell your own story.

Video takes a few minutes to record and it never has to be perfect. Writing takes moments to type out and you could post it as an article to LinkedIn. Even better, letting your customers tell their own stories is where real magic can happen!

Tell Your Story Challenge

CHALLENGE: We challenge you to contact 3 of your recent clients, take them to coffee and video record their testimonial (with their permission, of course).

They say “92% of people admit to trusting their peers over a traditional advertisement. Overall, stories can help increase your engagement, build trust, and hugely expand your reach,”

You’ve Got This!

P.S. If you want a tried and true Real Estate Guide to Storytelling, check out Paradym.

Ready for the Big MOVE?

Top 11 Tips for Your Next Big MOVE!

With May being the busiest month for listings and hopeful sales, the big move is next.  Here are 11 resources and tips to help you through the move.

#1 Family Relocation Timeline–The Epic Family Moving Checklist or an Online (or printable) step-by-step timeline.

#2 Consider Distance.  25 Tips for a Long Distance Move

#3 Consider DIY moving or hiring movers or a little of both.

#4 If you are using a moving company, be an informed consumer.

#5 Before packing comes declutter and purge–prepare for an epic moving sale!

#6 Packing–What to pack and what not to pack!

#7 How To Pack–color code, use a # system, …we love this one, take pictures of how your computers and electronics cords are connected!

#8 Transport with care! Consider your pets, aquarium, houseplants, antiques & collectibles–these all need a little special attention.

#9 It’s Moving Day! …we love this one, hire a pet sitter or babysitter to keep the littles out of the way. 

#10 Now the fun part…Unpacking!

#11 Hopefully these tips will prevent you from some of these epic moving fails!

Stop the Social Struggle

Stop struggling, here's the skinny...

How much Facebooking-Instagramming-Twittering-LinkingIn do you do?

What’s appropriate?

Here’s the breakdown:

LinkedIn-Keep it professional. You may ask yourself, why should I connect with my competition? Someday that competition could be your colleague or your next team member. Connect with clients only if you feel you can drive business and value to them. Post about your industry, career, professional inspiration, etc.  Post 2-4 times per week.

Facebook-Keep it casual. Connect with clients as friends (why not?) and encourage them to like your FB Business page. Post about local events, who you are (they want to see you!), FB Live, and videos. Post 3-4 times per week.

Twitter-Keep it current. Think nightly news or an event that is happening right now. Put your professional spin on short bursts of info that help keep your followers informed about how current events relate to them. Post when it’s relevant.

Insta-Keep it aspirational. Use a business account and when posting, think beyond the listing photo or the brochure. This is your place to be creative and really communicate the hidden gems about you, your career, and your listings to your followers. Spin all of your content so it serves someone rather than serving yourself.  Post once a day.

For questions, we look to the pros, especially industry-specific pros, like Katie Lance.If you’re serious about making social media social for you, then consider taking Katie’s online courses or joining #GetSocialSmart Academy, they’re packed with fun tips and tricks that simplify social.

Hepful Tips to Make the Most of 2019!

Wow, 2018 was a rush.  We have had such a good time and are ready to take 2019 by storm.  This year we are setting goals and making big plans, aren’t you?
We are utilizing some fabulous experts to catapult our 2019!

Check these experts out:

Brendon Burchard:  One of the world’s best motivators and offers a phenomenal online course system.  Our favorite: The Business Accelerator.

Stef Shock:  We think Stef is a fabulous real estate expert who can really help you crush it this year.  We love to watch her do great things with our clients. because when she helps you rise up, we all shine. Our favorite class: Learn & Earn: Broker like a Boss.

Buffini & Company:  One2One Coaching that rivals the rest.  They can help you increase your business, increase your leads, and increase your income.

These folks made our shortlist, we hope they make yours.

Cheers to a wonderful 2019!

Got Gratitude?

Thank you for being a part of the TCOD family!  We hope during this time of year you can take a moment and reflect and practice gratitude.

Here are some great ways to start: 

  1. Keep a Gratitude journal and add to it every day.
  2. Tell someone you love them and how much you appreciate them.
  3. Notice the beauty in nature each day.
  4. Nurture the friendships you have, good friends don’t come along every day.
  5. Smile more often.
  6. Watch inspiring videos that will remind you of the good in the world.
  7. Include an act of kindness in your life each day.
  8. Avoid negative media and movies with destructive content.
  9. Call Mom more often.
  10. Cook meals with love, think of the people you will feed.
  11. Volunteer for organizations that help others.
  12. Don’t gossip or speak badly about anyone.
  13. Spend quality time with your kids.
  14. Remember to compliment your friends and family when they look good.
  15. Write a card to someone you haven’t seen in a while and tell them something nice.

We think one of the best ways to show gratefulness is by sending a gratitude card.  It’s not quite, the festive holidays, so no one will be expecting anything and you will leave a lovely impression on your clients and vendors with a little appreciation.

We just love this assortment of cards, Chief Gratitude Officer.  Here’s the answer before you even asked, Yes.  Yes, you should always hand write your cards and sign them personally.  Making it personal means so much.

Be the change you want to see in the world by making gratitude a part of each day. 

Experiencing the Holiday Rush?

As we rush into a new year, here are some things to remember:

#1. Don’t break promises to yourself. If you said you were going to start a new workout routine, do it. If you told yourself you were going to get your nails done, go get them done! If you said you would help with an upcoming event, do it with your heart wide open. If you said you were going to get 2 more listings before the year is done, go hustle for those houses! Even though some of these promises may be to others, they are truly to yourself first, as you are the one that chooses your actions. You are important. 

#2. Take time to reflect.  Write down your accomplishments of this past year. The holidays can be stressful and if you have 2 more listings you need to get under your belt, then you may need to center yourself and discover that you got this!

 #3. Get Busy and Keep Focused. Get off of Instagram, hang up the phone, make a list, and time yourself to get it done! Maybe decide this is the year you are going to get a coach or take that online class that could completely change the trajectory of your career and life. When you get it done, reward yourself, you did it!

Yes, we provide stellar title insurance services but we also provide a warm place for a cup of coffee with encouraging words for our title friends and family.

Are you ready to title-ally make a difference?  (you see what we did there?)

Stop by our offices, we have the coffee pot on!

MailChimp…The Monkey That Could Be Your Best Friend!

MailChimp, Have You Heard Of It?  


No, it’s not new but it is so relevant.  It is one of the best free…Free…FREE email campaign systems out there.  Besides being Free (did I say that already?) it is an easy to use click and drag system.  

An email campaign is a great way to connect with your clients. With 33 touches recommended each year, sending a regular monthly email can diversify the message you are sending. Emails include appropriate images, words that explain your reason for emailing and plenty of links to allow your clients to get more info on what they are interested in.

The best thing about MailChimp is the reporting system. Every open, link click, and forward is tracked by their system. You, yes…you, can watch and learn how your clients interact with their emails. And, if you are savvy and you have 4 or 5 contacts clicking on a listing, you look to see who those people are (yes it provides their email address and name, too) and contact them to see if there is anything you can do to help.  Ta-da! You have just secretly spied on your email reader and reached out at the right time and potentially just found a buyer or found a new listing within that client. Mailchimp reports are quite intuitive and helpful. At TCOD, we are happy to help you review and make recommendations for your report.  MailChimp info!

We are here to serve!

Video-Make it Happen!

Social Media is Constantly Changing!

We are sure we didn’t have to tell you that.  Just when you are comfortable with one aspect they change the look and feel. Don’t be discouraged, just reach out as TCOD always tries to keep our finger on the pulse.

The biggest push at this moment is video.  We’ve all known this for a while, but need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and hit the record button.  We love what Katie Lance says, “you will always look like you look and sound like you sound, you need to accept that and move on.”  You are your wonderful self and your fan base (prospects and clients) WANT to hear from you!

One of the epic companies changing the scene is BombBomb.  If you haven’t tried them out, what are you waiting for?  It’s a free 14-day trial (we are not affiliated with them) that allows you to really see the value of video.

At TCOD, we constantly are serving our clients, we are happy to bring a class on video or any other marketing aspect to your team today.  Check out our lineup of available classes.