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Are you LinkedIn?

Are You LinkedIn?

We all get the LinkedIn invitations to connect, click yes, then move on! However, like everything else, we need to check in on our LinkedIn profile to see if we can update, cleanup, and help promote our colleagues and connections.

LinkedIn is where social starts.

Profiles-Update them. This year did you do any awesome presentations, work on special projects, or improve your skills in any way? Share them on LinkedIn by including them in your profile.

Recommendations-Write them for others. Did you work with any stellar agents, or awesome title companies, or amazing lenders? Shout out about it by writing recommendations for these great people.

LinkedIn Traffic-Increase. Include a link to your profile in your email signature line. Add new people you meet to your profile, they expect a LinkedIn invite rather than a Facebook one.

Blogging-Easy on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to write and publish articles. It’s a robust system that allows you to have a polished look.

According to Katie Lance, Social Media Expert and Author of #GetSocialSmart, her 3 favorite ways to optimize LinkedIn are:

Connect with every new person, current client and past client on LinkedIn. Make sure you send a personal note with each new request to connect, this means the world!

Post and share regularly to give the impression you are “ready for business.”

Give to get. Give one new recommendation a month with someone you have recently worked with. Who can you thank? Make an intentional point to thank them publicly!

Get LinkedIn in 2018!

Make Your Business Shine in 2018

Make Your Business Shine in 2018 with Marketing

This is the time to Time-block for 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule every piece of this strategy to execute on autopilot allowing you to create freedom and space for you to engage and connect with your clients in a more natural spur of the moment way throughout the year.

Get a Jump on Your 2018 Marketing Plan with these 3 Goals.

  • Pick a theme- it’s easier to relate to if you have one consistent theme throughout your year (recipes, DIY projects, 12 steps to get your house ready…publish one step each month)
  • Make sure your brand is consistent.  Don’t design something new each month, have them all keep a similar style or your colors to associate it with you.
  • Schedule it but break it up- mail some postcards, make some phone calls, “popby” your clients house with a gift, post some tidbits on social media, send a bi-monthly email, each of these can be related to the main theme.
  • Schedule it NOW!

Don’t get overwhelmed, let TCOD can help.  Yes, we do great title work and would love your business but we also love your business and want to help make you shine.  We can sit with you one-on-one or come to your team and host a 3-series class, all at no cost, and all because we want to show you how you CAN do this!

Just give us a call 303-225-4444.

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3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

#1 TIME OF YEAR YOUR CLIENTS OPEN THEIR MAIL!!!Soon your mailbox will be overflowing with holiday greetings filled will pictures of your college roommate’s kids, your great Aunt Mary’s annual holiday letter and generic “Happy Holiday” cards from your neighbors.  How do you get through all of the noise and have your piece be remembered??

Try giving your clients something that they will want to hold onto!  By sending something of value to your clients and with consistency, you not only become a hero but you are MEMORABLE!

3 Easy Steps to Nail Your Holiday Marketing

  1. Pick something you are passionate about– cooking, crafts, gardening, sports and make that your theme.  For example, if you pick cooking, you can send recipes, write blogs about great restaurants, post on FB about your favorite foods, you get our drift.  There you go, sharing your passion with your clients year-round!
  2. Schedule your marketing 3 months in advance– postcards, emails, blogs, social media posts. For example, order 3 separate postcards, one for each month, and set-up the mailing with DBC Marketing and let them do the rest!
  3. Take a breath and know you are marketing like a PRO!

The TCOD team has designed 3 different themed postcards for our RE clients to brand as their own this holiday.  They each have their own unique offering to your client- a recipe, a craft, or a list of great ideas for spending the holidays in Colorado.  

These cards are guaranteed to be kept around a lot longer than your usual “neighborhood sales” statistics or “state of the industry” information.

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Christmas in July?

Real Estate Agents Ready for Christmas in July

We have all been told time and again to touch our database of clients multiple times during a year.   

Experts say the magic number of touches per year is 33!

How?  That’s a tricky answer.

Each person in your database is different and will respond differently to the ways you reach out.  Whether you call, email, send a newsletter, or create a dynamic direct mail piece, each one will resonate with a person in a different way.

8 Ideas to make your Marketing Year GR8T:

  1.  Just Sold postcards (to neighborhood and sphere!
  2.  Pre-Built Monthly Newsletters (generic, like Buffini and Company)
  3.  Fun Postcards (like tasty festivals, local events going on, recipes, or local sports related)
  4.  Holiday Cards (Highlight a birthday or anniversary)
  5.  Seasonal Cards, tips for cleaning closets, donation spots, winterizing the home
  6.  Walk Around Your Direct Mail Pieces instead of mailing (better for the budget without cutting quality)
  7.  Email Campaigns (reaching your clients multiple times throughout the month with links for listings and your newsletter or blog)
  8. Create Lists (top ten ways to maintain your garden, improve your curb appeal, invest smartly in your home)

Don’t forget that Direct Mail is not on a comeback because it never died, it just got laser sharp.  Be Bold. Visuals Rule. Keep It Simple.  Checkout these cool designs.

One and Done! Time-block 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule this campaign to execute automatically which will allow you to have more free time to be organic and connect genuinely with others throughout the year.

Most of us don’t have time to sit down every month and get creative for a new campaign.  The holidays are even trickier.

If other companies have their stuff together, so can you!

That is the reason for Christmas in July!

To be well on your way to that 33, check out TCOD’s Seasonal Postcards

Is Your CRM Right for You?   

CRM image


There are so many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems out there, which one do you choose?  Well, if you are lucky you have one that fits your business and meets your needs.  If not, you have the daunting task of research and testing.

Let us share with you 4 recent observations we have made:

  1. You need one that fits your business, if you are in real estate, yours will be completely different than a retail establishment.  Not all of them are created equal, take a close look at all of the features. Here we liked Referral Maker by Buffini and Company
  2. Make sure you know how you want it to function for your business; drip campaigns, notes, alerts, easy mobile access, etc.  Is it able to do what you want, do you even know what you want?  You only find out after you have used it for a bit, then you need a CRM that can be easily modified after the initial set-up.  Here we liked ACT
  3. Be price conscious; shopping for a CRM is not something you do based on the dollar sign.  This is an investment for your business, so make sure it efficient in respect to your team’s time.  If it’s cheaper than the rest, the “price” in the end may be bigger than you think. Here we liked Salesforce.
  4. This CRM Comparison List might help.

But seriously, download them, test them, involve your team with them, make sure they work on an “all associate” level.  Just like in your business, ask for a referral from a peer and have fun on this client care journey.

What’s your “Offer”?

I'm A Winner

We recently did some “spring clean-up” focused on our marketing efforts.  We brainstormed over and over what is our “offer” and was able to hone in on our true ability to help our clients.  But we came up with a few thought provoking questions that might help you determine your best attribute:

  1. As a real estate professional, what is it that makes your clients choose you, and better yet, choose you again?
  2. As a mortgage professional, are you nurturing your relationships by contacting clients on a regular basis with a branded message?
  3. As an insurance specialists do your clients know your name and that you will be there for them before they need you?
  4. Is systematic, yet genuine, consistent connection with your clients a goal?
  5. Are you educating your future clients on your services creatively and efficiently?

These questions helped us come to, what some may say are obvious, conclusions:

  • Treat a prospect like a client,treat a client like a prospect, each should receive consistent branded education about our services and be appreciated
  • Have a system in place for marketing efforts and client tracking
  • Always be open to shaking things up a bit. 


3 EMPOWERING Consumer Tips about Title Services

Helpful tips


Title coverage confusing?

Just one of the 500 pages that buyers sign at closing?

Yes and no.

3 Empowering Consumer Tips about Title Services:

As a Home Buyer, do you know?

  1. You ARE IN CONTROL.  You can pick your own Title company to facilitate your closing.  Most buyers use the closer that is recommended by their real estate agent, but it is worth a look into.  You want to do business with people that you know are licensed, insured, reputable and genuinely care.
  2. That without proper title insurance research you could spend your initial years in your newly purchased home in turmoil.  A title that is not researched thoroughly could have unseen liens that could cause you up to 4 years or more of grief.  Having a thorough representative on your side is indispensable.
  3. That there are some title defects that cannot be uncovered with even the most thorough search. For example, a search will not uncover that a valid deed was indexed improperly in the land records. Title insurance WILL protect you from these types of defects.

Any questions, just email us, we are here to help, Title Company of Denver at info@tcod.com

Don’t Wing It

You have been preparing your entire life for the moment that you send your children into the world and hope you have given them enough to fly.   Like the Albatross of Midway Atoll, they are awkward, they have their own way of testing the waters, they float, they drift, they run and eventually they fly…they fly forever and soon they fly with grace for sometimes up to 10,000 miles without ever flapping their wings.

The gift of parenting is that we get to see them grow, learn, and navigate the world.  I have learned there is something to be said for planning, preparation, and lessons taught.

Earlier this year, I blogged about time spent in the car with my middle one .  We set off to navigate his second year of college and learned many lessons about prior proper planning.  We learned that life situations are sometimes just like the time we sent him off to fly.

  • Doing homework and research is a drag, but teaches us that information is king!
  • Asking for help seems like a rookie move, it is, because you need and expert’s opinion.
  • Sticking to a timetable is boring, but essential to ensure you have all your flock-in-a-row
  • Communicate; talking is easy, now let’s stick to one topic and tell it to everyone involved
  • Keeping paper is not eco-friendly, but will save your skin in the end.

We all have awkward, rookie, newbie moments, these lessons can be applied to many of those situations.  In the end, you have gained new knowledge, a new trust in people, and met your expectations.

Like the Albatross, don’t’ be afraid to try, put the effort in and you will find yourself going with the flow soon.

3 Traits of Successful Business Owners

I recently was interviewed by Vanessa for her “Seasoned and Successful” blog series, here is an expounded excerpt:

“In your opinion- what 3 things you must have in order to be a successful business owner?”

1.) The understanding that you will work very, very hard having your own business does not mean you get to just do what you want now.

  • Working hard is about working smart.  Organization is key to giving every detail of your business its fair share.  A day can sail by and leave you feeling like you have so much to still accomplish.  Use an organization system/calendar that you can share with others and fill your time in with aspects of your business, not just a lists of to-dos.  Don’t forget to plug in time to reflect, even if it is only 30 minutes, re-capping what you’ve done over the past week will help you see how you can become a better leader.

2.) Patience– there are cycles to business. It’s important to be aware of the ebbs and flows that come with time. I don’t know anyone who’s an entrepreneur who’s had success come instantaneouslyIt takes patience to stick with it.

  • Patience is a virtue.  Execute patience with class.  As an entrepreneur, carry yourself with controlled confidence; meaning no complaining about being patient or venting about clients to other clients.  In the B2B arena, your clients have clients and you must be reserved and fair about serving their needs.  To give outstanding service exercise patience with a true gratitude and it will fall into place.

3.) A positive attitude– there are so many things that could bring you down because it is hard and it is a lot of work and there are people who will look at you like, “You’re crazy” and “Why don’t you just get a real job?” You have to have a good attitude in order to say, “No, I can do this.”

  • You CAN do this.  Surround yourself with a positive sphere of influence.  Coaches are real and they serve an outstanding purpose, reach out to one.  Evaluate your current influencers and connect with those that are positive, maybe join them at a social event or share a coffee with them regularly, a benefit for both of you.

Take a leap and commit to your success.  We are all business professionals in one manner or another, now is your time to be the best you can be.  I leaped with Title Company of Denver and get to provide stellar title services to an outstanding group of clients.  As a value add to our clients we provide an educational video series on title/closing services for buyer’s and seller’s, to gain access and share as you please, click on the “show me the videos” button.


16 Hours in a Car


After driving 16 hours to and from Durango, CO last weekend, I realized some things teenagers don’t necessarily learn before they are 20! But what a great reminder how experience, preparation and planning always get the job done.


Our son is about to go off to his second year of college. He had assured us that he knew what he was doing and would secure his own housing for the next year back in November. He assured us again in February, then again in May. By June and July, the roommates were going to handle it. But alas, no one could get the job done. I realized very quickly that a lot of buyers and sellers get caught taking on a task that might have been easier with the help of a professional or a little more information to start. This is where the experience, planning and preparation come in.


  • Search Craigslist and contact Real Estate professional
  • Secure appointments to inspect housing
  • Gather roommate data and price points
  • Drive to the college town and secure housing for son and three potential roommates.
  • Drive back exhausted but victorious and relieved!


  • Do your homework! The more information you have the smoother your transaction
  • Ask for help from a professional or experienced ally to navigate the process.
  • Have a schedule of deadlines to adhere to. Hitting these milestones, is not only time saving, but rewarding
  • Communicate! Let everyone know the schedule and their responsibilities along the way. That way no one is questioning, doing double work, or just plain in the dark.
  • Keep a good record of your conversations, emails and notes.

In real estate and in life, you have to do some planning and preparation to see an event or transaction through! Having a Real Estate Contract, a Real Estate Professional and a Title Company you can trust makes planning and preparation a breeze. At Title Company of Denver, we start from the moment the contract is in place and we do not stop until the deal is done and someone is walking away with keys to a home or money in their pocket. For more information about the process and how we can help with our series of Real Estate Transaction Videos go to http://tcod.com/realtors/.