Real Estate Agents Ready for Christmas in July

We have all been told time and again to touch our database of clients multiple times during a year.   

Experts say the magic number of touches per year is 33!

How?  That’s a tricky answer.

Each person in your database is different and will respond differently to the ways you reach out.  Whether you call, email, send a newsletter, or create a dynamic direct mail piece, each one will resonate with a person in a different way.

8 Ideas to make your Marketing Year GR8T:

  1.  Just Sold postcards (to neighborhood and sphere!
  2.  Pre-Built Monthly Newsletters (generic, like Buffini and Company)
  3.  Fun Postcards (like tasty festivals, local events going on, recipes, or local sports related)
  4.  Holiday Cards (Highlight a birthday or anniversary)
  5.  Seasonal Cards, tips for cleaning closets, donation spots, winterizing the home
  6.  Walk Around Your Direct Mail Pieces instead of mailing (better for the budget without cutting quality)
  7.  Email Campaigns (reaching your clients multiple times throughout the month with links for listings and your newsletter or blog)
  8. Create Lists (top ten ways to maintain your garden, improve your curb appeal, invest smartly in your home)

Don’t forget that Direct Mail is not on a comeback because it never died, it just got laser sharp.  Be Bold. Visuals Rule. Keep It Simple.  Checkout these cool designs.

One and Done! Time-block 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule this campaign to execute automatically which will allow you to have more free time to be organic and connect genuinely with others throughout the year.

Most of us don’t have time to sit down every month and get creative for a new campaign.  The holidays are even trickier.

If other companies have their stuff together, so can you!

That is the reason for Christmas in July!

To be well on your way to that 33, check out TCOD’s Seasonal Postcards