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Don’t Wing It

You have been preparing your entire life for the moment that you send your children into the world and hope you have given them enough to fly.   Like the Albatross of Midway Atoll, they are awkward, they have their own way of testing the waters, they float, they drift, they run and eventually they fly…they fly forever and soon they fly with grace for sometimes up to 10,000 miles without ever flapping their wings.

The gift of parenting is that we get to see them grow, learn, and navigate the world.  I have learned there is something to be said for planning, preparation, and lessons taught.

Earlier this year, I blogged about time spent in the car with my middle one .  We set off to navigate his second year of college and learned many lessons about prior proper planning.  We learned that life situations are sometimes just like the time we sent him off to fly.

  • Doing homework and research is a drag, but teaches us that information is king!
  • Asking for help seems like a rookie move, it is, because you need and expert’s opinion.
  • Sticking to a timetable is boring, but essential to ensure you have all your flock-in-a-row
  • Communicate; talking is easy, now let’s stick to one topic and tell it to everyone involved
  • Keeping paper is not eco-friendly, but will save your skin in the end.

We all have awkward, rookie, newbie moments, these lessons can be applied to many of those situations.  In the end, you have gained new knowledge, a new trust in people, and met your expectations.

Like the Albatross, don’t’ be afraid to try, put the effort in and you will find yourself going with the flow soon.