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Are you LinkedIn?

Are You LinkedIn?

We all get the LinkedIn invitations to connect, click yes, then move on! However, like everything else, we need to check in on our LinkedIn profile to see if we can update, cleanup, and help promote our colleagues and connections.

LinkedIn is where social starts.

Profiles-Update them. This year did you do any awesome presentations, work on special projects, or improve your skills in any way? Share them on LinkedIn by including them in your profile.

Recommendations-Write them for others. Did you work with any stellar agents, or awesome title companies, or amazing lenders? Shout out about it by writing recommendations for these great people.

LinkedIn Traffic-Increase. Include a link to your profile in your email signature line. Add new people you meet to your profile, they expect a LinkedIn invite rather than a Facebook one.

Blogging-Easy on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to write and publish articles. It’s a robust system that allows you to have a polished look.

According to Katie Lance, Social Media Expert and Author of #GetSocialSmart, her 3 favorite ways to optimize LinkedIn are:

Connect with every new person, current client and past client on LinkedIn. Make sure you send a personal note with each new request to connect, this means the world!

Post and share regularly to give the impression you are “ready for business.”

Give to get. Give one new recommendation a month with someone you have recently worked with. Who can you thank? Make an intentional point to thank them publicly!

Get LinkedIn in 2018!