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Experiencing the Holiday Rush?

As we rush into a new year, here are some things to remember:

#1. Don’t break promises to yourself. If you said you were going to start a new workout routine, do it. If you told yourself you were going to get your nails done, go get them done! If you said you would help with an upcoming event, do it with your heart wide open. If you said you were going to get 2 more listings before the year is done, go hustle for those houses! Even though some of these promises may be to others, they are truly to yourself first, as you are the one that chooses your actions. You are important. 

#2. Take time to reflect.  Write down your accomplishments of this past year. The holidays can be stressful and if you have 2 more listings you need to get under your belt, then you may need to center yourself and discover that you got this!

 #3. Get Busy and Keep Focused. Get off of Instagram, hang up the phone, make a list, and time yourself to get it done! Maybe decide this is the year you are going to get a coach or take that online class that could completely change the trajectory of your career and life. When you get it done, reward yourself, you did it!

Yes, we provide stellar title insurance services but we also provide a warm place for a cup of coffee with encouraging words for our title friends and family.

Are you ready to title-ally make a difference?  (you see what we did there?)

Stop by our offices, we have the coffee pot on!