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Is Your CRM Right for You?   

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There are so many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems out there, which one do you choose?  Well, if you are lucky you have one that fits your business and meets your needs.  If not, you have the daunting task of research and testing.

Let us share with you 4 recent observations we have made:

  1. You need one that fits your business, if you are in real estate, yours will be completely different than a retail establishment.  Not all of them are created equal, take a close look at all of the features. Here we liked Referral Maker by Buffini and Company
  2. Make sure you know how you want it to function for your business; drip campaigns, notes, alerts, easy mobile access, etc.  Is it able to do what you want, do you even know what you want?  You only find out after you have used it for a bit, then you need a CRM that can be easily modified after the initial set-up.  Here we liked ACT
  3. Be price conscious; shopping for a CRM is not something you do based on the dollar sign.  This is an investment for your business, so make sure it efficient in respect to your team’s time.  If it’s cheaper than the rest, the “price” in the end may be bigger than you think. Here we liked Salesforce.
  4. This CRM Comparison List might help.

But seriously, download them, test them, involve your team with them, make sure they work on an “all associate” level.  Just like in your business, ask for a referral from a peer and have fun on this client care journey.