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Make Your Business Shine in 2018

Make Your Business Shine in 2018 with Marketing

This is the time to Time-block for 2 hours, 1-3 days for 1 week to craft and execute your marketing plan for the entire year.  Schedule every piece of this strategy to execute on autopilot allowing you to create freedom and space for you to engage and connect with your clients in a more natural spur of the moment way throughout the year.

Get a Jump on Your 2018 Marketing Plan with these 3 Goals.

  • Pick a theme- it’s easier to relate to if you have one consistent theme throughout your year (recipes, DIY projects, 12 steps to get your house ready…publish one step each month)
  • Make sure your brand is consistent.  Don’t design something new each month, have them all keep a similar style or your colors to associate it with you.
  • Schedule it but break it up- mail some postcards, make some phone calls, “popby” your clients house with a gift, post some tidbits on social media, send a bi-monthly email, each of these can be related to the main theme.
  • Schedule it NOW!

Don’t get overwhelmed, let TCOD can help.  Yes, we do great title work and would love your business but we also love your business and want to help make you shine.  We can sit with you one-on-one or come to your team and host a 3-series class, all at no cost, and all because we want to show you how you CAN do this!

Just give us a call 303-225-4444.

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