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Ready for the Big MOVE?

Top 11 Tips for Your Next Big MOVE!

With May being the busiest month for listings and hopeful sales, the big move is next.  Here are 11 resources and tips to help you through the move.

#1 Family Relocation Timeline–The Epic Family Moving Checklist or an Online (or printable) step-by-step timeline.

#2 Consider Distance.  25 Tips for a Long Distance Move

#3 Consider DIY moving or hiring movers or a little of both.

#4 If you are using a moving company, be an informed consumer.

#5 Before packing comes declutter and purge–prepare for an epic moving sale!

#6 Packing–What to pack and what not to pack!

#7 How To Pack–color code, use a # system, …we love this one, take pictures of how your computers and electronics cords are connected!

#8 Transport with care! Consider your pets, aquarium, houseplants, antiques & collectibles–these all need a little special attention.

#9 It’s Moving Day! …we love this one, hire a pet sitter or babysitter to keep the littles out of the way. 

#10 Now the fun part…Unpacking!

#11 Hopefully these tips will prevent you from some of these epic moving fails!