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Stop the Social Struggle

Stop struggling, here's the skinny...

How much Facebooking-Instagramming-Twittering-LinkingIn do you do?

What’s appropriate?

Here’s the breakdown:

LinkedIn-Keep it professional. You may ask yourself, why should I connect with my competition? Someday that competition could be your colleague or your next team member. Connect with clients only if you feel you can drive business and value to them. Post about your industry, career, professional inspiration, etc.  Post 2-4 times per week.

Facebook-Keep it casual. Connect with clients as friends (why not?) and encourage them to like your FB Business page. Post about local events, who you are (they want to see you!), FB Live, and videos. Post 3-4 times per week.

Twitter-Keep it current. Think nightly news or an event that is happening right now. Put your professional spin on short bursts of info that help keep your followers informed about how current events relate to them. Post when it’s relevant.

Insta-Keep it aspirational. Use a business account and when posting, think beyond the listing photo or the brochure. This is your place to be creative and really communicate the hidden gems about you, your career, and your listings to your followers. Spin all of your content so it serves someone rather than serving yourself.  Post once a day.

For questions, we look to the pros, especially industry-specific pros, like Katie Lance.If you’re serious about making social media social for you, then consider taking Katie’s online courses or joining #GetSocialSmart Academy, they’re packed with fun tips and tricks that simplify social.