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Storytelling…Do You Do It?

Do you know who is awesome at telling stories? You. And there is no better time than today!

–Have you tried it?

–Do you consider it marketing?

You don’t need special skills to tell a story. What do you mean, an Instagram Story? Snapchat? Facebook? Nope, not those types of stories.

We mean, the real deal. The story about the client you just took to 4 homes over the weekend, about the home you didn’t even need to list but sold well over asking price, the story of the remodel, the story of the neighborhood and its journey. These are the stories that people connect with; they resonate with future buyers or sellers; they help you become a relatable trusted professional in their circle of influence.

You tell your own story.

Video takes a few minutes to record and it never has to be perfect. Writing takes moments to type out and you could post it as an article to LinkedIn. Even better, letting your customers tell their own stories is where real magic can happen!

Tell Your Story Challenge

CHALLENGE: We challenge you to contact 3 of your recent clients, take them to coffee and video record their testimonial (with their permission, of course).

They say “92% of people admit to trusting their peers over a traditional advertisement. Overall, stories can help increase your engagement, build trust, and hugely expand your reach,”

You’ve Got This!

P.S. If you want a tried and true Real Estate Guide to Storytelling, check out Paradym.