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What’s your “Offer”?

I'm A Winner

We recently did some “spring clean-up” focused on our marketing efforts.  We brainstormed over and over what is our “offer” and was able to hone in on our true ability to help our clients.  But we came up with a few thought provoking questions that might help you determine your best attribute:

  1. As a real estate professional, what is it that makes your clients choose you, and better yet, choose you again?
  2. As a mortgage professional, are you nurturing your relationships by contacting clients on a regular basis with a branded message?
  3. As an insurance specialists do your clients know your name and that you will be there for them before they need you?
  4. Is systematic, yet genuine, consistent connection with your clients a goal?
  5. Are you educating your future clients on your services creatively and efficiently?

These questions helped us come to, what some may say are obvious, conclusions:

  • Treat a prospect like a client,treat a client like a prospect, each should receive consistent branded education about our services and be appreciated
  • Have a system in place for marketing efforts and client tracking
  • Always be open to shaking things up a bit.