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Work Outside with Pop-Bys

Take Work Outdoors!

Best excuse to do that is POP-BYS!  Seriously.

  1. Make up the cutest inexpensive gifts take your pick from this lineup: Summer Pop-By Ideas
  2. Create a fun note or pick from this selection: Pop-By Gift Tags
  3. Make a list of your top 10 or 20 clients and set one day aside for the next two weeks and go out and walk your favorite neighborhood.  

Our Favorite: Flag Day is on June 14–order United States Flags and have DBC Digital print up a tag that says “Keeping the American Dream Alive…one Homeowner at a time.” Then tuck your business card in and start walking.  

PRO TIP: When you stop by a client’s home and don’t want to ring the doorbell (let’s be honest-that can get awkward) instead, take a selfie of you and your gift on their porch and text it to them.  That lets them know you were there and that there is a treat on the front porch…and that you are the best agent!

Be the Best Agent!  Use the Best Title Company!